Discover the Affinity Difference for Luxury Car Rentals in Toronto

Riding in Style

There are any number of reasons for taking advantage of luxury car rentals in Toronto. One of the most popular reasons is to go the extra mile for a special event. This is especially true for once in lifetime events such as a wedding or milestone anniversary. A luxury car rental can be used to commemorate a promotion at work or even just to make any ordinary weekend extra special and memorable.

There are a number of premium luxury and even exotic cars for rent in Toronto. Whatever your reason for needing the vehicle, you have the freedom to choose whatever type of car you want and to keep it for however long you need it. Need an exotic car for a photo shoot? Rent a Lamborghini for the day. Need a replacement vehicle while your car is getting repaired from being in an accident? At the very least, you can get a comparable vehicle for the duration of the repair.

A New Kind of Car Rental Experience

Many people have a bad story about renting a car. Poor customer service, lost reservations, unclean rental vehicles and mechanical breakdowns are all far too common in the car rental industry. Taking the time to research car rental companies will help to alleviate these common issues and ensure you have the best car rental experience possible. It is possible to have excellent customer service, premium quality luxury and exotic cars that have been expertly maintained and a car rental experience that is memorable for all the right reasons.

In the event that your car has been in an accident, it can be very beneficial to deal with a car rental company that is listed on your insurance company’s list of preferred vendors. This can help to make the process of finding and renting a suitable replacement vehicle as smooth as possible. If you are not at fault for the accident, you are entitled to receive the same model of vehicle as a replacement and nothing less. Depending on the vehicle, it can be very difficult to find the same model of vehicle for a rental, especially when it comes to exotic cars. Affinity Luxury Car Rental has been serving the GTA with premium luxury and exotic car rentals since 1992. They are on the list of preferred insurance vendors and offer the largest selection of rentals in Toronto and surrounding area to ensure you are able to find a vehicle comparable to your car being repaired.

The Affinity Difference

Affinity Luxury Car Rental has continued to grow into the largest luxury car rental company in the GTA due to an unwavering commitment to providing the absolute best customer service in the industry and offering an excellent selection of vehicles to choose from.

Affinity is proud to offer clients the opportunity to take advantage of a professional valet service with pickup and drop-off options for even more convenience. Discover the Affinity difference whenever you have a luxury or exotic car rental need in Toronto.

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